Dog Training

Dog Training by Pippa’s Pet Care

News Term Starting Friday 21st April

( six week block £75)

Puppy Training Classes  Friday  9.30 – 11 am

A class designed to insure your puppy gets the best start to life by learning very important life skills. This friendly class will give you are your puppy the training and advice you need to get your life together off to the best start you can.

The classes will include , socialisation , Recall , Loose lead walking , No jumping up , sit stay , and much more.

Please note this is a very popular class and fills up fast, please don’t hesitate to book you place before it goes as there are only 6 spaces available.

Grade 1 Behaviour   Friday 11.15 – 12.45pm

A fun and friendly dog training class to teach both owner and dog how to get the most out of your relationship. This is a mixed ability class and each dog and handler will be taken through the training steps to achieve  your grade 1 certificate graded by the institute of modern dog trainers (IMDT).

Recuse your Rescue dog Friday 1-2.30 pm

A Class specifically put together to help support you and your new recuse dog. Getting a rescue can be amazingly rewarding however it can also be quite difficult if your new member of the family has picked up some unwanted behaviours along the way. Come along and have fun while meeting other rescue mum and dads and start you and your dogs road to success.

Work shops  17th June ( 2 hrs £25)

  • Recall

Two hours totally focused on improving your dogs recall.

To be a responsible dog owner we need to have a really good recall, not only it is embarrassing  when you call and your dogs doesn’t come back it can be very dangerous for your dog if they are hurtling  towards a road. It doesn’t mater if you have no recall for your dog or a hit and miss recall, come along and have fun while learning how to tech your dog to come when called.

  • Loose Lead (Stop Pulling) 

This workshop is dedicated on how to teach your dog that walking calmly beside you instead of dragging you around the park is so much more rewarding. I will teach you  tried and tested techniques that you will be able to take home and use on a day to day basis.

Work Shops 20th May (2hrs £25)

  • Perfect Puppy 10 – 12 pm

If you do not have time in your busy life to commit to a six week course then this is perfect for you. We teach  the essentials to help get you and your puppy started on the road to success.

  • Agility 12.30 – 2.30

Have you ever thought of taking up Agility ?

Come along to our no competitive fun agility work shop and see what its all about. If you love it you can join a course but if not at least you have had a fun filled two hours with your four legged best friend.

Our fun filled agility is a great way of getting fit while learning new skills.

Please contact Pippa to book as all workshops have limited availability.

Dog Fun and Games

  • Fun Agility  Fridays from June 2nd
  • Fly Ball
  • Tri Ball

Contact For forthcoming dates.


(Limeted available on each course, book now to secure your place)

Dog Training in Chorleywood with Pippa's Pet Care

Dog Training by Pippa's Pet Care

Dog Training

In 2012 I rescued a dog, which I soon discovered came with excess personality. I then embarked on lots of research and training.  In doing so I realised how much more fulfilment I could give to myself and my other dogs. So I decided to look into becoming a dog trainer so I could help others with their dogs and the extra perhaps unwanted aspects of their personalities!

After further research, I decided to train with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT). This organisation is one of the UK’s leading bodies and independent Course providers for Dog Trainers and Behaviourists. The IMDT was founded to promote the very best in understanding and training of dogs through quality Trainers and ultimately their owners. The IMDT was founded in 1999 by Steve Mann.

The aim of The IMDT is to use proven, ethical and science based teaching methods that I nowl incorporate into my training.

I believe in only using and promoting positive reward based training techniques that rewards the dog in such a way that encourages him/her to repeat the procedure. I don’t use any methods involving the use of force, pain, or intimidation in his/her training, or pet care services.

  All issues can be addressed, from basic obedience, lead pulling, recall, etc through to dog aggression, human aggression, fear related behaviour and obsessive disorders.


Group training classes offer owners an excellent opportunity to both train and socialise with their puppy’s/ dogs.  Our fun, positive and effective 6 week courses teach owners how to use kind, force free methods in order to achieve the desired behaviour you want and expect  from you pet.  Each week has a different theme.

These classes are held at the Woodoaks Farm, Denham Way, Maple Cross, Herfordshire, WD3 9XQ.

They are spread over six weeks and are one and a half hour  in duration, there is a tea brake where you are encouraged to ask questions and chat with other dog owners. In this time the training will cover the below.

Eye contact, recall.socialisation,loose lead walking ,no jumping up, meet and greet correctly and much much more.

Our dog training classes also include fun agility and searching (scent work)trick and lots of other fun activity’s.

Six week course, one and half hours long classes £75 per block of six, please contact me to secure your place on the course.

1 to 1

Each 1 to 1 consultation takes approximately 1 ½, hours and the training will be designed specifically around you and your dog.

All issues can be addressed from basic obedience; lead pulling, recall etc through to dog aggression, fear related behaviour, obsessive disorders, etc…..

These types of sessions are better suited to dogs that are nervous, or reactive in a group scenario.

Puppy – Although typical ‘puppy issues’ can be addressed such as toilet training, play-biting, crate training, teething etc, a big emphasis is also put on future training and prevention undesirable behaviour , so your puppy’s training becomes effectively “future-proof” ’!

Following our initial meeting you will receive a personalised report via email with 72 hours, detailing the behaviour explanations, prognosis, recommendations and an easy to follow training plan for you and your dog to ensure you get the most out of your consultation.

1 ½ hour consultation £60 for any follow up sessions a discount will be applied taking into consideration how many sessions needed.

Course Completed:

  • K9 Body Language
  • Aggression and Rehabilitation
  • “One Day Perfect Puppy” Course IMDT
  • Two day “Career as a Dog Trainer” course IMDT
  • Four day “Practical instructor” Course IMDT
  • Six day” Advanced Training and Behaviour” Course IMDT
  • Sarah Fisher “Posture v Behaviour” Seminar IMDT
  • Alpha dog training school – Weekly classes
  • Two day membership assessment IMDT 30/03/14
  • “Second Chance Heroes” MDT 10/03/14 ( A chance for me to give something back, and give a dog a second chance of happiness ! ).
  • First Aid
  • One day “grumpy dog” seminar
  • One day ” Trick Training”


(Limited available on each course, book now to secure your place!)